Hey! I'm Lorren and I can mostly read and write. In addition to having been alive for decades, I've accomplished several feats of endurance: Being birthed, power whistling, and sweaty fingers.

I've been seen in the wild managing engineers, planning development schedules, and trying very hard. I also build low-code/design/ops/infrastructure software at Furvr.

I've got millions billions of friends who say I'm very good at everything. You've probably never met them (they live in Canada), but I can provide references on request in both standard 4:3 and full HD.

Need something?

Whether you'd like to hire me or pay a compliment, this is a great place to start. Using raw computing power and a little bit of magic, the form below will send an email directly to my inbox that I'll promptly mark as spam. Unless I'm interested.

I tend to be busy with one of many exciting projects. If whatever you're blathering about is something interesting I'll absolutely get back to you.

If you're looking for casual conversation, that Discord icon at the bottom right'll let you message me on my server. Some of my friends tend to be there too, so please be ready to receive their love. <3

Of course, if you'd prefer, feel free to @ me on any of the social channels linked in the footer. I'm most active on Twitter and Instagram.

Note: For the love of god, please stop sending me actual viruses. Send unsuspicious zip files, non-malicious pdfs, ascii art, and all major credit cards.

Thanks! <3

Assuming that wasn't legal action I'll be getting back to you soon. Until then, have a great day! Orrr:

Projects & Passions

At any given time I have several passion projects I'm working on. Find out about some of them here .. someday .. maybe?

Community :D

Looking for real people? Join the discord (bottom right) and talk to us in one of the (many) channels:

We also have a few voice channels if quarantine blues've got you feeling lonely. Jump in and help yourself to some beautiful Conversation. Nobody there? Invite someone(s) you know!

Note: The service I use for the discord embed is .. often .. updating their services and seem to have had some trouble scaling. I'm not involved in that project, but if you're inclined to do so, you can support the project by becoming a patron.

Moderation & Guidance

Currently looking for moderators. Wanna help out? Join the server and post an impassioned plea to the #breakroom channel.

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LeetCode: A New Way to Learn
Brush up on these kinds of engineering problems. It may or may not make you a better engineer, but it really is a great way to prep for interviews (tip: start doing these a month or so before you need to start sweating at the whiteboard).

Pramp: Mock Technical Interviews w/ Coding Problems
Pramp is the acronym of PRActice Makes Perfect. Prep for your next technical role via mock interviews and real coding problems.

The Missing Semester of Your CS Education
[...] at many institutions there is one essential topic that is rarely covered and is instead left for students to pick up on their own: computing ecosystem literacy.

Stock Buy/Sell to Maximize Profit
I was asked to solve a problem like this in an engineering interview with a Big Tech™ company a while back. It's a relatively straightforward question with a simple solution but doesn't hurt to have more content for you here.

Documentation for Carrd.co, the tool used to create this portfolio.

Welcome to lorren.biffin.me 00.00.1! <3
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See your way around but please clean up any confetti you leave behind. It can get stuck in some hard to reach places.

If you need help (or find bugs), I'm just a click away; though, Discord (bottom right) tends to be better.

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